Shamus Patton sentenced in forgery case, will return to prison

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INDIANAPOLIS – The man who pleaded guilty to wounding eight people during a shooting at Indiana Black Expo in 2010 is going back to prison because he lied about looking for work.

Shamus Patton, 21, was sentenced to eight years in prison today by Marion Superior Judge Grant Hawkins for six counts of forgery on job hunting applications last summer.

Patton was serving two years in Community Corrections as part of his suspended sentence for the 2010 shootings.

While he should have been looking for a job, Metro Police said Patton instead was caught last June riding in a car with a convicted felon, two guns and a ski mask.

Patton wasn’t charged in that case, but a check of his records proved the convicted felon lied more than 30 times when he claimed he was searching for work.

Judge Hawkins also ordered that Patton serve another six to nine years of his suspended sentence for the IBE weekend shootings.

“Starting in mid-July of this year, he would be looking at an additional 14-17 years of Department of Corrections time,” said Deputy Prosecutor Joe Bosstick.

“They put this young man in a situation where they never really helped him,” said Rev. Byron Vaughn of Prisoners Reformed United. “As his attorney said, he is under 25 years old. He’s still confused and I believe that him and others if they were involved in our program there would be tremendous reaction to the public.”

Judge Hawkins indicated there was some confusion in the original sentencing record from the 2010 shooting guilty plea and he will hold a hearing June 27th to determine exactly how much more time Patton will serve.

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