Utility worker saves man pinned in tree

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ABOVE: James Hugart demonstrates power line safety/photo from SCI REMC

MARTINSVILLE (May 22, 2014) – A utility worker is credited with saving a man’s life Monday.

James Hugart, a lineman for SCI REMC, responded after the man was pinned by a tree limb, cutting off the blood flow to his legs. The fire department called the utility company because a fire truck couldn’t fit in the space needed to get to the injured man, a freelance tree trimmer who had been working by himself.

The SCI REMC truck couldn’t fit in the space either, but it got close enough to the tree to that Hugart could reach the man from the truck’s bucket. He rescued the man from the tree limb that had him pinned and the rope and harness wrapped around the tree.

The man was flown to St. Vincent Hospital in Indianapolis.

Hugart talked about the rescue in a clip posted on YouTube.