Crash victim sends condolences to family of Good Samaritan hit and killed

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INDIANAPOLIS – A woman involved in Wednesday’s crash on Interstate 70 has a message for the family of the Good Samaritan killed. Jack Yancer, 56, of Merrill, Michigan jumped out of his semi truck right after the wreck happened to try to direct traffic, while making sure everyone was okay. But Yancer got hit by another semi and died on the spot.

Friday, one of the women in that crash called Yancer a hero and delivered a thank you message to his family.

“I have a mild concussion. I’m sore in my shoulders,” said Terren Price.

Price took a beating Wednesday morning when her white SUV got hit from behind by a car driven by 24-year old Kristiana Phillips, of Mooresville. Phillips has since been charged with two counts of operating while intoxicated. Police said her blood alcohol content tested at 0.11.

Terren Price doesn’t recall much about the crash.

“I don’t remember a whole lot,” she said.

But the impact isn’t all physical for the 54-year-old breast cancer survivor. It’s emotional, too.

“It’s hard to deal with for me,” she said, “It broke my heart, it broke my heart. I hate for anybody to get killed trying to help somebody else.”

In the two days since the wreck, Price said she can’t stop thinking about that Good Samaritan, Jack Yancer, and his willingness to stop and help.

“God bless his family. I hope they’re strong,” said Price. “They ought to be proud because he’s a hero to me, because a lot of people wouldn’t stop to try and see if you’re okay. But he did, he cared enough.”

Friday night, Price gave Yancer’s family a thank you. FOX 59 got her in touch with Yancer’s brother, Warren. Price sent her condolences by phone to Yancer’s family in Michigan.

“I wanted to let you guys know that my heart goes out to you, and I pray for you,” she said.

Yancer’s family will bury the truck driver and Marine on Memorial Day. He’s a man Terren Price only knew through his act of kindness.

“Trying to help, it cost him his life,” she said.

Kristiana Phillips could do time behind bars on the two operating while intoxicated charges. The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office told FOX 59 she had an initial hearing on Thursday. At this point no charges have been filed against the semi driver who hit Jack Yancer, but Indiana State Police said the prosecutor’s office will make any charging decision once their investigation is complete.