Man selling iPhone on Craigslist robbed, shot three times

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EAST SIDE — Police are issuing a warning about selling items online after a man was shot during a meeting to sell his iPhone through a Craigslist ad.

The encounter happened around 11 a.m. on North Linwood, near 38th and Emerson.

One neighbor, who Fox 59 agreed not to identify, said she saw a guy hanging out by a vacant house. She approached him because he looked out of place.

“(He said), ‘I’m just waiting for them to come and let me in to look at the house,'” that neighbor said.

It sounded weird, so she went home nearby and called police. It was too late though, and while she waited on hold the shots rang out.

“I’m trying to get the police on the phone and at that time I’m hearing the firing of the gun. There’s five shots going off,” she said.

Three of those shots hit the man who police say had arranged a meeting to sell his iPhone on Craigslist.

“I could hear him screaming, ‘They’re about to take my phone, they’re trying to take my phone,'” the neighbor said.

The guy who shot the victim got away. Neighbors described him as a black man in his late 20’s. He was seen possibly leaving the scene in a Dodge Charger or Challenger.

The shooting prompted a warning to be just as careful when you sell online as you do when you buy.

A Craigslist page full of people in the Indianapolis area selling their phones contained posts with notes like, “will meet within a reasonable distance.”

Police said that if you sell an item online, you should be wary of meeting in unfamiliar places, use an electronic payment system like PayPal and meet in a safe place like the lobby of a police station.

The victim in this case was taken to the hospital in serious condition.

If you have any information, call CrimeStoppers at 317-262-TIPS.