Public parking may be easier to find for race fans

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SPEEDWAY – The Speedway Town Council passed an ordinance, this year, which prevents homeowners from blocking roads with cones and other items.

“They clearly want to save those spots for their friends and family members because they want those people parking in front of their house (more) than they do people they don’t know or strangers, who are race fans, which we can certainly understand,” Speedway Sgt. Jim Thiele said.

Sgt. Thiele said the problem is when homeowners block public streets using cones, barrels, trash cans, and other random objects to prevent race fans from parking in front of their homes.

“They’re spaces that are on the public street. They (homeowners) don’t own that property and they’re spaces that anyone can legally park in,” Sgt. Thiele said.

Sgt. Thiele said they are currently educating homeowners about the new ordinance. He said they did not have any issues last weekend or this week.

For the next few races at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, they will continue educating homeowners about it. He said people could be fined $75, if they violate the new ordinance. He said the new ordinance reinforces a preexisting state law.

Elizabeth Nelson lives in Speedway with her husband. They use their yard to park cars.

“Since (I was) a little girl, we were able to cone this off. Now we can no longer cone it off because the town feels it’s not a good representation,” Nelson said.

Instead of putting cones this year, she and her husband parked their cars up front. She is not violating the new ordinance by doing that. Nelson said she does not plan to break the new rule.

“I think everybody would like to put the cones out because it’s obviously easier than a vehicle, but you know what…what are you going to do,” she said.