ADORABLE | Baby snow goat learns to walk without wheelchair!

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(May 29, 2014) –  Remember Frostie the baby snow goat?

He was rescued by Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary with severe dehydration, a lice infestation and a case of “joint navel ill,” an infection that spread through his bloodstream and into his back legs, leaving him unable to walk.

Edgar’s Mission built Frostie a wheelchair to help keep him mobile enough to flush out the infection.

And their treatment worked!

Edgar’s Mission posted on their Facebook page yesterday that Frostie is now able to walk, skip and run on his own!  (He’ still a little wobbly though.)

According to Edgar’s Mission, Frostie still has much physiotherapy and some medications in the upcoming months.

Read our original article about Frostie and watch video of the baby goat here.

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