Inside the mind of a former bully; how she’s now helping others

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INDIANAPOLIS – We don’t normally hear from the bully who terrifies other students, but now we are.

Lilly is a former bully.  She was a ‘mean girl’ who made it her mission to hurt other young people with her words.

She says she did it because her family moved a lot and she never felt like she fit in.

She thought, “Well if I can’t fit in then I’m going to be the tough girl and I don’t want to be around anybody so I’m going to push people away instead.”

The tough girl was all an act.  Lilly says she was lonely and desperate for friends. What she didn’t know was that bullying her classmates would lead to a vicious and self-destructive cycle.

That cycle only ended when Lilly started going to Girl’s Nite In International events.  It changed her heart. She repented and apologized to the family of a boy she deeply hurt.

Now, she even mentors his little sister.

“I’m really trying to give back and take what I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past and impact the next generation.” Lilly tells other young people, “allow yourself to be who God made you to be.”

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