Mother of fallen construction worker frustrated by recent crashes

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INDIANAPOLIS – The news of yet another construction accident in central Indiana angers the mother of an INDOT worker, hit and killed almost two years ago.

For Virginia Morgan, it’s a situation that makes her emotional every time. Her son died while working as a flagger. She said she’s tired of hearing about people like her son getting hurt or even killed while doing their jobs on the roads we travel every day.

It’ll be two years in September, but the pain hasn’t passed.

“It upsets me, and I feel like more people need to wake up,” she said, “It makes me sick. It just makes me sick, and all that comes to my mind is my son.”

Her son Steven Overbay died in 2012. The 27-year-old father of two was a flagger who got hit and killed by another driver not paying attention. Morgan said the news of two construction workers killed on Interstate 69 three weeks ago tore her up.

“I’m gonna argue and complain and say my piece every time I see something like this happen, because it shouldn’t,” she said.

You’ll remember 49-year-old Kenneth Duerson, Jr, and 24-year-old Coty Demoss died when a pickup truck slammed into an arrow board, which hit the workers and killed them, back on May 9th.

Then Thursday, workers 36-year-old Mark Evans and 26-year-old Willie Pittman got hit by a semi on Interstate 70 near Greenfield as they were removing reflectors with the road.

Morgan said all the accidents should be a wake-up call for drivers and those in charge of our highways and interstates that more needs to be done to protect those who work there, so mothers like her and her granddaughters shouldn’t have to say goodbye as soon as they did.

“I think they need more signs and equipment on the roads,” she said, “It’s going to save more lives.”

A spokesperson for INDOT said the agency does have auto-flagging devices they can use, but it’s almost impossible to use them in any type of moving work zone. Independent contractors also furnish their own equipment when performing jobs for the state.

INDOT also will be awaiting accident reports from both crashes and evaluating them when they come in.

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