Sticker shock at the pump, Indiana near highest gas prices in country

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INDIANAPOLIS – Hoosiers had a case of sticker shock Thursday morning after gas prices rose as much as 11 cents overnight at some central Indiana gas stations.

As of Thursday afternoon, Indiana had the fifth-highest gas prices in the country, with an average of $3.898 per gallon. Some gas stations in the city topped $4.00 per gallon.

It’s a sting to the wallet for drivers and many businesses, like landscaping and mowing companies.

Even Isaiah Strickland, who rides the city buses, was upset at the news.

“I try to help people out when they give me rides, throw them some cash if I need to go somewhere,” said Strickland. “I definitely check the prices to make sure I give them the fair amount.”

“The bus always seems to be a better deal than driving yourself,” said Michael Ferrer.

Especially when you look at the updated Indiana Gas Price Heat Map from Indy Gas Prices.

Many counties, including Marion, are above $3.95 and the trend in Indiana is listed in bright red as “prices rising.”

There are several sites you can find online that will point you in the right direction of the cheapest gas in your area and even send you text alerts, like and

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