While celebrating a Clark Cup title, Indiana Ice face uncertain future

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INDIANAPOLIS – The moment is one that may live on in the history of the United States Hockey League.

Game 5 of the league’s finals was tied at two with just over two minutes to go in front of a full house at Young Arena in Waterloo, the host Blackhawks and visiting Indiana Ice figured to be heading towards a sudden death for the league’s Clark Cup.

But then came a dropback pass to Brian Pinho, a shot towards the goal and a crease to which it found to reach the back of the net. Two minutes later the game ended with Indiana coming out ahead 3-2 as stunned Blackhawks fans watched in silence.

A game-winner.A Clark Cup winner and a small piece of American hockey history for the Ice. It could be the last chapter in their book too.

Before the USHL Finals even began the team announced that the franchise filed for and was granted dormancy for the 2014-2015 season. That means the team won’t have the chance to defend the Clark Cup which they won for the second time in five years after the team just celebrated it’s first decade in Indianapolis.

The decision came down to a decision by owner Paul Skjodt, who was facing another season without a dedicated home arena to which to play. The last two seasons the team has been splitting time between Bankers Life Fieldhouse and the rink at Pan Am Plaza. With the latter being torn down later this year and not enough available dates at the Fieldhouse, the team was left with no option for the upcoming season.

Skjodt sat down with Fox 59’s Larry Hawley on Friday afternoon to talk about the team’s future and it’s Clark Cup victory. Click on the video above to watch.