Good Samaritan replaces boy’s stolen birthday bike

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ORLANDO, FL. (June 3, 2014) – A stranger became a young boy’s hero in after the boy’s birthday bike was stolen.

CJ Brooks had just turned 10-years-old when someone ran off with his wheels.

He posted a sign up outside his house asking that the thief return it.

A man named Neal Salina was in the area out looking for a place to rent when he saw CJ’s sign.

He thought the sign was listing a place for rent.

“It’s not a “For Rent” sign, but I read it anyway. And I seen it was a little kid, someone stole his bicycle, my daddy instinct kicked in immediately you know,” he said.

He gave it a little thought and realized he couldn’t leave the neighborhood without doing something.

So Salina bought CJ a brand new bike.

CJ’s mom Jolynn is still moved by the gesture.

“I was just blown away, completely blown away. I’m still shocked that there’s still strangers or people out there with actual good hearts, that still care about what’s right,” she said.

“It’s good once and awhile to do a good deed. The moral of the story is to help someone if you could,” said Salina.

Salina doesn’t want anything in return; he just hopes his gesture inspires CJ and the rest of the world to follow his lead.

“Just pass on this good word, keep doing the right thing,” he said.


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