Parents warned about teen dating violence after student shooting

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INDIANAPOLIS – The shooting of an Arsenal Tech High School student Tuesday is a reminder that dating violence among teenagers is real and can spill over into school settings.

Police said a 17-year-old girl was shot by her estranged boyfriend after an altercation in a parking lot near school grounds. The student is going to be okay, while the suspected shooter has been arrested and faces attempted murder charges.

According to experts, teen dating violence is under reported and often unnoticed.

“It happens a lot,” said Julia Kathary, the executive director of the Coburn Place. It’s a safe haven for women who are victims of domestic violence. However, Kathary cautions that violence doesn’t just pop up later in life; it’s learned at an early age.

“A lot of times we overlook the signs of intimate partner dating violence, because we think that it’s romantic and sweet,” she explained.

She said parents and teachers should be learning and teaching the warning signs of a bad relationship.

“Does your partner make you feel bad about yourself? Do they exhibit jealousy and possessive behavior? Do they wanna know where you’re at all the time?… Do they disrupt your life when you’re going to spend time with your family?”

Kathary said Tuesday’s incident should serve as a wake up call to parents and kids that teen dating violence is happening around them and that there is help.


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