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Push for Rebuild Indy 2 continues, up to $350 million for infrastructure

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Mayor Greg Ballard is continuing his public appeal to gain support for Rebuild Indy 2. The plan would invest up to $350 million dollars in infrastructure like roads, sidewalks and bridges. Tuesday afternoon council republicans joined in as they called for the plan to move forward.

“Yes or no? Do we want to move forward with rebuild 2? So we’re calling them out in a way,” said Michael McQuillen, City-County Councillor and minority leader.

McQuillen said his party plans to introduce the plan at the next city-county council meeting. He admits financing has been a sticking point. Rebuild Indy 2 would require a $150 million dollar loan.

Council democrats said they are coming up with their own plan to fix roads. Councillor at-large, Zach Adamson, said he is concerned about the borrowing $150 million.

“Council majority understands the condition of the roads and we’re working hard to find a viable solution that doesn’t saddle future generations with debt for roads that will probably deteriorate before they pay them off,” said Zach Adamson, City-County Councillor.