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Rain moves in tonight, dry time returns Sunday

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Rain has held off as expected for most of the day but showers are now entering western Indiana at 8:30 PM.   It looks like most of the rain will target the northern third of state as the system splits in two.

Severe Watch with Radar

Severe storms to remain south of state

Heavier rain moves in around 12 AM, Sunday, in the city with the severe storms staying well south of the state.   We could see a few storms form after sunset in eastern Illinois then race east – a clap or two of thunder isn’t out of the question.


Forecast radar 12 AM Sunday per hi-res computer model



Rainfall amounts averaged off 6 models falling in line, and have been slashed by 50 percent from previous two days runs.  The average is now down to .44″ for city – range .13″ to .61″

Rainfall Specific cities

RPM forecast rainfall

Micro Rainfall specific cities

ADONIS Micro cast forecast rainfall

Heaviest rain again favors northwest of city.  Above a side-by-side comparison of the RPM model and ADONIS Microcast model rainfall.



Winds shift northwest early Sunday and the storm system races east.  Sunday may open a little gloomy with a few lingering showers but conditions should improve by noon.  Rain showers are mostly done by early afternoon but a stray shower still cannot be ruled out.  once again, most of the weekend will end up with more dry hours than rainy – but most of the rain will fall overnight.


Noon Sunday forecast clouds and precipitation RPM model


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