Walking Indianapolis streets to end violence

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (June 7, 2014) — Walking in peace, in hopes of ending the violence.

Around 40 people gathered on the near east side of Indianapolis for a peace walk organized by the local motorcycle club “Naptown Riders.” The walk comes as the city is now up to 73 homicides. Some people call all of the violence “crazy”, while others say it’s time for a change. But, no matter what, the violence has certainly brought out more of a push to slow it down, if not stop it all together.

Annanis Shotwell knows what violence can do to a family. In November, 2013, Shotwell says two men broke in to his home and shot his son Adriane, who died weeks later. Annanis tried to fight off one of the robbers, and he too was shot. Today, he’s alive to join dozens of others walking for peace.

“It is hard on families, it’s extremely hard on my fiance,” Shotwell said. “I can imagine what’s going on with these other families that are losing their loved ones. this has to stop.”

“If it was just one person walking down the street, and touched one heart, and make a difference, that’s what up. That’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to come, all of us, just come as children of God,” said Stephanie Newsome, who helped organize the peace walk.

Peace walks, like the one Saturday, and what other groups are doing are some ways to address the issue.

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