Father gunned down in driveway, suspected shooter released

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INDIANAPOLIS — The funeral for a man shot to death in his driveway last week has been set for Wednesday.

Meanwhile, no arrest has been made in the death of 31-year-old Joshua Tucker.

Officers were called to the 1300 block of Edgecombe Avenue near Shelby Street Thursday around 9:45 p.m. on a report of a possible person shot.

Shortly after the shooting, officers found Albert Rogers, 26, in a vehicle in a Safeway grocery store parking lot with a female and her two small children.

Officers apprehended Rogers and say they recovered what is believed to be the gun used in the shooting.

They said Tucker also had a gun, but have not given any more details about where his gun was found at the scene or if it was loaded.

Detectives say Rogers has a valid handgun permit and was afraid for his life and was released eight hours later, pending further investigation.

IMPD told FOX 59 on Monday that detectives have plans to meet with the Marion County Prosecutors Office in the new few days and will likely have an update at that point.

“It was just perfect and everything was so happy,” said Jessica Frank, Tucker’s girlfriend.

The two were part of a group of six tight-knit friends called “The Six Pack.”

Frank says it all started two weeks ago with a police report over a dog dispute.

Jessica Frank says Rogers shot at her dog on May 28th while on a walk. The police report says Rogers felt threatened.

Frank said her 2-year-old son was outside at the time, and that’s what made Tucker so mad.

So when he returned from a trip last Thursday, Frank says he went down to Rogers’ house to tell him they installed an invisible fence but that he’d like an apology for firing his weapon in his yard.

Frank says no one answered Tucker’s knocks at Rogers’ door.

Later that night, Rogers knocked on their door.

Chico Velez, also part of the group, was also there.

“Three to four feet from him when it all happened, I was there from the beginning to the end,” said Velez.

And Velez somehow wasn’t hit.

He says Rogers fired multiple shots in front of the woman and her two kids sitting in their vehicle, and police say even nearby homes have minor damage.

“I look at it as if I wasn’t hit and he was, then I’m meant to be here for his family,” said Velez.

Tucker was a skilled welder and had just been promoted to foreman at work. He was set to start his new position the next day.

He has a 12-year-old daughter and a fund has been set up for her at the Indiana Members Credit Union.

“He was a great man, a great father, and was just a happy person to be around,” said Frank.