Staying safe after tragic swimming accident

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EDINBURGH, Ind. (June 9, 2014)–The body of 17-year-old Jason Moran was found over the weekend in the Big Blue River in Edinburgh.  His friend Michael Chadbourne died on Monday.  The swimming accident another teenager in critical condition.

“If that’s my friend down there what am I going to do? I can’t tell you what to do,” said William Browne, Indiana Conservation Officer.

It’s a decision no teenager should ever have to make–but after Sarah Mclevish got swept away by the rushing waters, DNR officials say Moran went  after Sarah.

“The low head dams, If you come across one of those, don’t be swimming around those, don’t kayak over them or kayak to it, that water is very strong and very heavy,’ said Browne.

Mclevish and classmate Michael Chadbourne were pulled from the river. McLevish has been in critical condition since Friday.  The Marion County Coroner confirms Chadbourne died Monday.  DNR officials spent the weekend looking for Jason, until his body was found at the base  of the dam on Sunday.

Browne wants people to be mindful and understand just quickly a fun time swimming or boating can turn into a tragedy if you aren’t prepared.

FOX59 caught up with people enjoying the water at Eagle Creek Park to see what they do to ensure a fun but safe day.

“Being a beginner fisherman I always wear a life jacket.  My daughter and I are very good swimmers, but I wouldn’t trust that,” said boater Glenn Kicsh.

“A life-jacket is going to give you the best chance of survival in a bad situation,” said Browne.