Hoosier Heroes still waiting for VA care

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INDIANAPOLIS – Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Indianapolis is one of many VA clinics across the country that will be investigated further to see if staff manipulated patient wait times or mishandled scheduling, for example.

One Marine veteran told FOX 59 he is not surprised, because he is still waiting to get an appointment.

“I don’t have an appointment at this point. I am looking at my mailbox every day for that correspondence for that appointment time, whenever that arrives,” said Marine Sergeant Matt Wylie.

Marine Veteran Matt Wylie served two tours for Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The 32-year old has been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and he has back pain that’s been bothering him for some time: “I’ve become fairly disillusioned with the VA for years. I didn’t go. I’ve basically been dealing with whatever I had.”

In March, the veteran says his night terrors became too often; his back pain too intense.

Wylie called and got an appointment at the VA clinic on the west side of Indianapolis for the end of May, but he had to cancel.

Now, he’s waiting to hear back from the Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center to get a new appointment. Wylie is worried it could be another sixty days.

“It’s hard not to take it personally. Something could be done and it just isn’t,” said Wylie.

Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Indianapolis is one of 81 hospitals across the country and 31 clinics that are receiving additional scrutiny in this latest audit.

Roudebush Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Indianapolis spokesperson, Julie Webb, tells FOX 59 the average wait for a new paitnet, like Matt Wylie, has been about 54 days. Webb said the staff in Indianapolis is now working to meet the 14-day goal.

“I don’t anticipate changes overnight,” responded Wylie.

Webb said veterans are encouraged to call the Patient Advocacy number at 317-988-3069 to report delays, especially if they are a new patient and need urgent care.