Women robbed near Monument Circle, Good Samaritans come to rescue

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -A retired police officer and IPL contractor helped apprehend a robbery suspect in downtown Indy.

Sisters Shirley Fleming and Troyce Golden met up for lunch at Monument Circle Monday afternoon. The two were on their way back to work when a man approached them from behind and stole Fleming’s wallet.

The robbery happened at the corner of Washington Street and Meridian. During the incident Golden was pushed to the ground and injured. When Fleming turned around to run after the suspect a Good Samaritan took him down.

“It was a guy, he’s like a superhero to me. He just came out of nowhere and he stopped him,” said Fleming.

A retired police officer and others helped hold the suspect as he struggled to get away. Police said a contractor with IPL used wire ties to secure the man’s hands.

Fleming and her sister said the people who stepped in to help are heroes. She wanted to thank these Good Samaritans publicly for everything they did.

“He got no further than that corner and without the guy who initially came to our rescue he may have gotten away. And I just thank everybody that came to help us because it was just so surreal,” said Fleming.

Police identified the suspect as 25-year-old Corey Goodnight. The prosecutor’s office is reviewing the case to determine possible charges. Officers found drugs and syringes on Goodnight during the arrest.