Mostly clear this weekend with great weather for dad!

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High pressure will keep rain away today and tomorrow.

After seeing rain in six of the last seven days I have a feeling a lot of dads will be outside this weekend tending to their yards.  No matter if you have yard work or a tee time the weather will be picture perfect for you this weekend.  Similar to Friday, today will see hardly a cloud in the sky.  Highs should be near 80 with most communities likely see highs a degree or two below 80°.

Yesterday’s high of 73° was nearly 10 degrees cooler than the seasonal average for this time of the year.  The thirty year average high for today is 82 degrees.  The record high for today is 94°.  Winds will be out of the east to southeast through the day today.  Humidity levels will be low today meaning it will feel comfortable for anyone spending time outdoors.

I am going to scale back on rain chances for Central Indiana next week as it appears most of the rain will fall in northern parts of the state.  This means we will likely see the hottest week of the year so far here in Indianapolis.  There is a high probability that we will see our first 90 degree day of the year over the next 7 days.  Our next rain chance will remain Monday with showers and storms north and heat for everyone else through Thursday.  Let me add a Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.  Have a great weekend everyone.