New Program is Erasing Indy’s Graffiti

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Graffiti brings down neighborhoods and can even lead to crime.  That’s why the city is testing out a new program aimed at erasing the problem.

The Department of Public Safety, along with the Department of Public Works are teaming up over  four weeks to see how much it would cost the city to attack the graffiti problem.

“There’s two types of individuals who do graffiti.  One is a tagger, they use your property for art and they leave some type of message that we can investigate.  The other is gang graffiti, It tells us where gangs are, what their operations are and maybe who they are targeting,” said Troy Riggs, Director of Public Safety.

If you recall, council passed an ordinance requiring property owners to remove graffiti or pay a fine—If the city rolls out this new plan, the  graffiti task force would be able to remove the eye-sore for you.

“Not only are we going to eradicate graffiti but we are going to look for those responsible and hold them accountable,” said Riggs.

After the four week pilot program, the city will review what kind of resources it will require to stay ahead of the graffiti  problem—and possibly roll out the new program.

City-County Councillor, Jeff Miller,  District 19, was instrumental in passing the new graffiti ordinance.

“We hope this empower neighborhoods that otherwise felt helpless.  We are hoping those neighborhoods will find a way to combat this and take care of the issue,” said Miller.