Recent events bring local football coach both pride and pain

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INDIANAPOLIS — Bittersweet is a bit of an understatement when describing the past few weeks for Indian Creek’s head football coach Mike Gillin.

After 35 years of coaching, he just became one of the newest members of the Indiana Football Hall of Fame. Sounds great, right? Well, around the same of learning of his approaching induction, his family was involved in a serious car accident. While Gillin walked away unharmed, his family members weren’t so lucky. Emergency crews had to cut his wife, Michelle, and daughter, Elizabeth, out of the crushed vehicle, which was rear-ended while sitting at a traffic light. Michelle is now paralyzed from the abdomen down and Elizabeth is recovering after breaking several bones.

Gillin is now faced with the task of converting his tri-level into a handicap-friendly dwelling for Michelle. Gillin says the Indian Creek community and beyond have been a saving grace, providing his family with meals, attention and donations to go towards construction.

If you want to help the Gillin family, follow this link: