Men accused of throwing water balloons at police from downtown parking garage

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Above: Joshua Hayes (left) and Brandon Harper (right)

INDIANAPOLIS (June 17, 2014) – A pair of Indianapolis men picked the wrong target for their water balloon mischief.

Indianapolis Metropolitan police said the men threw water balloons from the sixth floor of a downtown parking garage. The balloons landed near two police officers.

Brandon Harper, 22, Indianapolis, and Joshua Hayes, 30, Indianapolis, were arrested around 1 a.m. Monday. They face criminal recklessness charges.

According to a report from IMPD, two officers were going west on Market Street on unmarked bicycles when the balloons were thrown from about 60 feet up. The officers said Harper and Hayes hid in the parking garage afterward.

The officers called for backup, and police sealed off the parking garage before apprehending both men. During a subsequent interview, both men admitted they’d thrown the balloons and told police they’d done it before, usually from a vehicle.

Police said the balloons weighed about a pound each and posed a danger.

Officers searched Harper’s vehicle and found a cooler containing a water balloon tank and balloons. They also found a receipt and tags for those items in the men’s pockets.

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