More than 25 people tricked by fake Greenfield job scam

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INDIANAPOLIS — It’s one of the most stressful feelings to be out of a job. One Speedway woman thought she’d finally found one, but then the Central Indiana Better Business Bureau came knocking and she realized she’d been scammed.

Work-from-home scams are common, but the BBB wants to get the word out about this specific scam because dozens of people are falling for it. In fact, the BBB has already heard from 25 people. They typically hear from one or two.

“When we told her it was a scam, you could just see it in her face,” said BBB President Tim Maniscalo. “She was just very disappointed. She was out of a job, but at least we saved her the money that she would’ve gotten ripped off.”

Maniscalo says after you post your resume on a popular job search website, a company called “The Sage Group” contacts you, does a phone interview, sends you an offer and then sends you a check.

The woman in Speedway received a check for $2,600.00. Maniscalo says the offer and check look legitimate.

“Immediately after that you’ll get a call from them saying we would like you to send some money to this vendor and get some supplies.”

So you deposit the check and order your supplies to work from home, but the vendor is the scammer.

A couple of days later, your bank calls because the check is a fake. By now, you’ve already sent money to the “vendor” for your supplies.

“Boom, your money’s gone and you’re on the hook for that check that you deposited that isn’t any good,” said Maniscalo. “They’ve got your money and the bank comes back to you and says this check that you deposited a couple of days ago isn’t any good and we’ve already taken that money out of our account and you owe us the $3,000 or whatever it might be.”

The Sage Group is an actual healthcare business out of the UK. The offer letter uses the same logo with a Greenfield address on Apple Street. The Greenfield address does not exist.

So far there are victims in Indiana and Florida. At this point, the BBB does not know where the scammer is located.

If you hear from The Sage Group, let the BBB know right away.

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