Residents spot funnel cloud in Madison County

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MADISON COUNTY – Several Madison County residents reported seeing a funnel cloud move through the county as severe weather struck Central Indiana, Thursday afternoon.

Cara Hartman was taking her family’s clothes off the line at her home just south of Shirley when the sky turned dark and the wind tossed some of the clothes a few feet away.

“When I looked to the sky, there was some rotating clouds. It looked like a funnel cloud,” said Hartman. “I was a little scared… the sirens were going off in Shirley by then.”

She snapped a few pictures of the swirling clouds, then grabbed her young son and took off for the basement.

“It was super dark. You could almost see where the line of rain was,” she explained. “The thunder was really booming and stuff. Kinda shaking the house and stuff.”
A funnel cloud was also spotted a few miles away near Chesterfield.

Emergency officials told Fox 59 the funnel cloud never actually touched down. There were no reports of serious damage.



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