Burglars targeting air conditioners and much more in recent break-ins

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INDIANAPOLIS – Thieves are targeting your air conditioning unit, but it doesn’t end there.  After the burglars yank out the unit, they are making their way into the home of unsuspecting residents.

Brenda Rayes says she woke up in the middle of the night late last week and discovered that her home had been picked over.

“We thought they just stole the air conditioner,” said Rayes.  However, the damage was much worse.  She lost money, a credit card and even the keys to her house.

She says whoever is responsible,  took her window air conditioner out, entered and ransacked the house.

“I wasn’t used to something like that happening,” said Rayes.

“A couple people who know what they are doing can take a window unit within a minute and its gone,” said Ed Kittle, Howald Heating, Air Conditioning and Plumbing.

Kittle explains that  there really is no safe way to secure a window unit like the ones that were taken,but there are a few  things you can do.

“One that sits on the ground, you can get a steel cage and pour concrete down and bolt it into the ground,” said Kittle.

Rayes and her family replaced the stolen unit and put up wooden reinforcements, which is a security measure they didn’t have before.   Kittle says having a plan before installing your air conditioner is the key.

“The big thing is awareness, especially if you are having a new one put in .Think about where it’s at,” said Kittle.

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