IMPD conducts sweeps as leaders debate earlier curfew

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis Metro police officers conducted a curfew sweep, Monday night, cracking down on teens violating the City’s 11 pm weeknight curfew.

Police patrolled the area of JTV Hill Center on the near northeast side, stopping when they saw kids unsupervised by an adult.

“We really don’t want them loitering, you know, in businesses and stuff, doing things that can get them in trouble,” explained IMPD Commander Randal Taylor.

The sweep comes as City leaders debate whether or not to move the Friday and Saturday night curfew up from 1 a.m. to 11 p.m.

In late April, Police Chief Rick Hite warned of an impending crisis among youth during a community conversation over the proposed curfew change.

He pointed our last summer’s heightened youth crime, including a 16-year-old who was shot to death in a fight outside Circle Centre Mall and recent murders committed by teens.

“A continual trend we’re starting to see (is) young people being brazen with weapons. We’re also seeing that the young people who are out there who are innocent are being preyed upon and victimized,” Hite said.

Some downtown businesses managers said they would like to see the earlier curfew as well.

“I think it’s a bit ridiculous. Kids shouldn’t be out that late,” said Danielle Shipley, a manager at Soupremacy. “I think if kids realize they can get in trouble for being out past 11 hopefully it will them just go home instead of being out that late and causing trouble.”

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