RECIPES: Whole Lobster with Grilled Tenderloin Skewers

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Whole Lobster with Grilled Tenderloin Skewers

Station:          Grill/Broil

Yield:              1 order

Tools:             Large oval, small oval, brush, tongs

Shelf Life:      For immediate service


    Product/Item Description Amount Unit Measure
Step 1 Whole Maine lobster, 1 ¼ lbs 1 each
  Parsley butter ½ oz
  Clarified  butter (pre-set) 1 stand
  Quartered lemon wedge 1 each
  Shellfish cracker roll 1 each
Step 2 Tenderloin tip skewers, marinated 2 each
Step 3 Smashed redskin potatoes 1 serving
  Asparagus 1 serving



Step 1 Steam lobster for 7 minutes.  Split lobster tail and crack claws, brush with parsley butter.
Step 2 Grill marinated skewers until cooked to desired temperature.  Reserve once cooked
Step 3 Place cooked lobster on a warm large oval and garnish with lemon wedge and shellfish cracker roll.On a small oval place the smashed redskins on the right side and the asparagus on the left with the tips facing forward.  Lean the tenderloin tip skewers on the smashed redskins and serve immediately.


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