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Burglar busted after checking Facebook and not logging off

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St. Paul, MN (June 25, 2014) – A burglar is behind bars this morning after failing to log off Facebook.

Police in Minnesota say 26-year-old  Nicholas Wig broke into a home and stole several items.

But he made one big mistake: he checked his Facebook profile from the home and then didn’t log off!

When the owner, James Wood, arrived home and found his place had been ransacked, he reported it to police.

Items stolen from the home included cash, credit cards and a watch. But then Wood found a pair of jeans, a belt and some Nike tennis shoes that didn’t belong to him.

Sometime later Wood noticed a Facebook page on his computer he didn’t recognize.

Realizing what must have happened, he updated Wig’s status calling him a thief. Wood also shared his phone number on the status asking for anyone with information to call him.

Surprisingly, Wig contacted the homeowner himself, asking to get the clothes back that he left at Wood’s home.

Wood agreed, and when Wig showed up police were there and arrested him.

Wig was wearing Wood’s watch at the time.

Wig faces up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines if convicted.

He has an extensive criminal record, including a second-degree burglary conviction, a domestic assault misdemeanor and pending drug charges.