Homeowners begin cleaning up after tornado damage

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (June 25, 2014) — Homeowners in the Cameron Meadows neighborhood on the west side of Indianapolis will have cleanup on their minds Wednesday morning. Tarps are covering several roofs and some residents have already picked up debris, including siding ripped off during the storm.

An EF-1 tornado touched down near Raceway Road on the border of Hendricks County and Marion County Tuesday afternoon.

The heavy rain and wind tore apart roofs, toppled trees and sent debris flying. No one was injured.

Wednesday morning many residents got a closer look at the aftermath.

Erika Ray and her husband said their home wasn’t damaged but they were taking time to check on their neighbors.

“It hurts for them, you know? You want so badly to live peacefully and we’ve been so happy here, it’s really hard to see them struggle like this,” said Ray.

She was home with her three daughters when the storm came through.

“A big gust of wind hit the window and kind of pushed it back and all of a sudden we saw all kinds of black flying through the air and at first I thought it was a big flock of birds flying away and then I realized it was somebody’s roof. It was shingles flying through the air,” she said.

Wayne Township Fire, Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and Homeland Security officials all responded to the scene. The Red Cross of Greater Indianapolis is offering assistance to victims.

Wayne Township Fire Public Information Officer Mike Pruitt said many people took the early storm warnings seriously and found shelter. The storm’s timing also helped, he said, because many people were not home in the middle of the afternoon.

Contractors were already surveying the neighborhood Tuesday evening and will be working with homeowners Wednesday to evaluate damage and create repair plans.


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