Homeowners in Cameron Meadows spend hours cleaning up after tornado

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INDIANAPOLIS – Homeowners removed debris from their homes more than 24 hours after a tornado moved through the Cameron Meadows neighborhood.

The tornado hit around 2:30 Tuesday. Four homes have been classified as unsafe in the Cameron Meadows neighborhood. About 75 other homes were inspected. The amount of damages for each of those homes ranges from $5,000 – $20,000. City leaders urge residents to be aware of any unlicensed contractors. Homeowners should ask contractors to see their licenses and make sure their insurance agency signs off on it. If people have any questions or concerns, they should contact authorities.

“I mean, you know, it’s better that (we only had a) few broken (windows) ‘cause you can replace that stuff. (You cannot replace) family and stuff like that,” Raul Lopez Junior said.

It could take homeowners a few days, weeks, or months to repair their homes. Volunteers joined homeowners in the cleanup effort today. Lakeview Church members spent several hours helping people.

“It could have been a lot worse ’cause those tornadoes are not fun to be around at all. They’re not safe. They can just throw all kinds of debris around,” Jonathan Gehrich, who volunteered his time, said.

Jennifer Pierce noticed pieces of other people’s home on her yard. She noticed siding, a litter box, and a street sign. Her damage was only cosmetic.

“It really gives you hope, you know. Just (to have) the help is such a relief,” Pierce said.