Indy Fuel unveils mascot, wants fan input for name

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indy Fuel is bringing professional hockey back to Indianapolis and will play games on the ice in the newly renovated Fairgrounds Coliseum. Indianapolis’ newest professional team is getting everything ready for their debut in October.

Indy Fuel will host 36 home games at the Coliseum.

“There sure is a lot to do with starting a team ground up,” said Sean Hallett.

About two dozen seats from the original Coliseum are still in the venue. Indy Fuel added a new scoreboard and ribbon board in the inside.

“Other than the existing four walls, it is a completely new facility,” said Hallett. “By keeping those exiting four exterior walls, this is the oldest hockey venue in America where hockey is being played.”

Indy Fuel is working to fill 6,500 seats for each game. Tickets will cost between $12-$30.

So far, Indy Fuel has secured $1 million in annual corporate sponsorships.

The team’s president admits since Indy Fuel launched their team around the same time as the Indy Eleven soccer team, it’s more competitive marketplace.


Indy Fuel Dragon rendering

“We think we will be sold out,” said Hallett. “Where there has been competition has been on the sponsorship side, obviously there is only so many companies in the city and there are all these teams.”

The new team also needs a new mascot, and FOX59 has a first look at the Indy Fuel Dragon.

Fans are asked to submit their suggestions for a name and for coloring choices in an online contest starting July 1. The team will take your suggestions on social media, through their Facebook and Twitter pages.

“We will allow our fans to pipe in on what the name should be and what the color should be and we will reward them with tickets,” said Hallett.

The hockey season begins Oct. 17 at home against the Fort Wayne Komets.