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Man barely gets grandkids to safety before tornado slams RV into home

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PLAINFIELD, Ind. (June 25, 2014) — A man barely had time to get his grandchildren into a safe room before a tornado forced a neighbor’s RV to crash into his home, the man told FOX59 News.

Don Rackley’s home on County Road 200 South suffered major damage during the storm, with most of the roof torn off the house.

However, Rackley, who was babysitting his two young grandchildren on Tuesday afternoon as the storm hit, is keeping things in perspective.

“This is just a house,” he said.  “It can be replaced.”

Rackley told FOX59 News that he knew the storm was getting bad, so he moved his kids into the safest known area of the house.

“I see the wind blowing real heavy,” he continued.  “I looked out the window there, so I just grabbed the kids and headed toward the bathroom in the middle of the house.  I put them in there and about the time I closed the door, [I] heard this big boom.”

That sound was his neighbor Phil Lawrence’s camper crashing into his home.  The tornado lifted the camper straight up around his home and traveled at least 40 yards before hitting the Rackley house, Lawrence said.

“[It] did not even bend the gutter,” Lawrence said.  “It was parked next to the house where the gutter was [and] went straight up all the way over the house and dropped on the house next to me.”

Restoration crews quickly got to work Tuesday afternoon and boarded up the rooftop and covered it with tarps.  An exact cost of the damage has not been made available.