New heavy duty equipment helps Lawrence Police fight crime, protect you

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LAWRENCE, Ind. (June 25, 2014) — From the deadly front lines of war, to the dangerous obstacles police officers face head on.

The Lawrence Police Department is now using a decommissioned armored truck used that was donated by the U.S. military.

“We had an old armored car that we had used for our SWAT team, and we were looking at having to get a vehicle that was designed for that,” said Chief Michael Walton.

A truck, designed to take on the world’s most wanted enemies, seemed to be the perfect one, because fighting crime can have may obstacles.

“I might consider if you look at some of the incidents that have happened in the past where they’ve had a secondary explosive device after an active shooter at a school or something. Should something like that occur, when our officers are responding to the active shooter, we can protect them from that other device,” Walton said.

The truck itself is not new, but the mechanical parts of it are, right down to the engine, tires and wheels. It’s built tough. The massive mass of metal and iron can handle everything from weather to potentially deadly situations.

“Rescuing citizens in an active shooter situation, we can drive right up on scene and get people out of the hotzone. We can use it for rescue,” said Capt. Tim Steele.

Capt. Steele says having this truck is special to him.

“Being prior military, I always like when we get a piece of equipment that we can still use for the citizens and keep a piece of equipment working,” Steele said.

And the shear size of it definitely turns heads.

“This piece of equipment can be used, and we’re using it to it’s fullest ability,” Steele said.

The department spent $6,200 to ship the truck from Texas. Much of the lights and other equipment came from donors, and no tax dollars were used.