Plainfield tornado was on ground for about two miles

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Here’s an unofficial look at what the tornado track looks like.

The official write up to the Plainfield, Indianapolis tornado that occurred on June 24, 2014 is now in from the National Weather Service.  The office found evidence that an EF-1 tornado impacted an overall area of about two miles right along State Highway 40 just west of and ending north of the Indianapolis airport.

Winds were estimated at 90 to 100 mph.  Over 200 cars were damaged by flying debris when it first touched down in Plainfield at 2:32 PM. This was at a vehicle auction facility.  As the tornado traveled northeast in Hendricks County, it caused damage to around two dozen homes.

The tornado continued northeast into the Bentwood subdivision which is in east Hendricks County. Next in line was the Cameron Meadows subdivision of Indianapolis. The most worst damage in Marion County and the city of Indianapolis was at Raceway Road near Blue Pine Drive. This is where a few comes had portions of their roofs removed by the tornado. This damage at this location was again rated EF1 with winds estimated near 90 mph.  The tornado lifted at approximately 2:40 PM.

For more information on what the National Weather Service found you can click here.  Also make sure you check out Chief Meteorologist Brian Wilkes’ blog about the twister.