Police find alcohol in car at center of crash that killed 4-year-old girl

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DALEVILLE (June 25, 2014) – Alcohol was found in a car involved in a June crash that killed a 4-year-old girl and left six others hurt last month.

It happened on I-69 near Daleville. An Indiana State Police report just released to FOX59 shows a half-empty bottle of vodka was found in the glove compartment of a car that stopped suddenly on the highway on Tuesday, June 3. Four-year-old Tavionna Ford and her family were in that vehicle. The report also showed the little girl was not in a car seat.

After the car stopped, a pickup truck slammed into it from behind, killing the 4-year-old. Six other people were hurt.

Blood tests for the drivers are still pending.

Tavionna Ford

Tavionna Ford