CAN’T MISS | Trucker calls out trooper for speeding while on cell phone

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trucker exchange

(June 30, 2014) – A truck driver called out an Illinois state trooper after seeing the man speeding in his squad car while on a cell phone.

The truck driver, Brian Miner, honked repeatedly at the officer after seeing him. That ended up getting Miner pulled over.

The traffic stop kicked off a contentious exchange between Miner and the trooper, who said he’d pulled the truck driver over for unlawful use of his horn. Miner then informs the trooper why he was honking, telling him conditions were wet and he was going more than 70 mph while on his cell phone.

Miner recorded the encounter and posted it on YouTube. The trooper tells Miner he’s going to write a ticket, and Miner responds that he’s recording the exchange. That admission prompts a change in the trooper’s demeanor, with the man deciding against giving Miner a ticket.

“Either way, you were just trying to help me drive safely, I understand that,” the trooper says. He told Miner he didn’t remember being on his phone.

Watch the exchange:

Source: FOX 4