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Change in gas tax pumps up prices as several new Indiana laws take effect

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (June 30, 2014) — A host of new laws are taking effect on July 1 and rising prices at the pump will likely be the most immediate impact felt by Hoosiers.

Instead of the current 19-cent-per-gallon sales tax, Indiana is moving Tuesday to a rolling use tax.  The new gas use tax will be 7 percent of the average price of gasoline in the state during the previous month.

The Department of Revenue has released that July’s gas tax will be $0.229 per gallon, calculated off of an average price of $3.269.

Other new laws include:

  • A restructuring of the state’s criminal code to create mandatory minimum sentences for violent felons, as well as the addition of six to 20 years imprisonment for habitual felons;
  • Allowing legally carrying gun owners to have their firearms in their cars while in school parking lots;
  • Mandating high school football coaches take courses in player safety and concussion training every two years, as well as requiring concussed players sit out 24 hours after getting injured before returning to play; and
  • An expansion of the state’s Lifeline Law granting immunity to individuals who are underage and under the influence while reporting certain crimes.