Hit-and-run tragedy has city leaders pushing for tighter curfew

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(INDIANAPOLIS)– City leaders are talking about a new curfew following a tragic hit-and-run.

Jack Bussa, 15,  died early Sunday morning after a hit and run accident on the Southside.  It happened near the intersection of Stop 11 and Meridian.

Glen Ancelet lives nearby, and drove by the scene Sunday morning.

“There were so many police officers with their sirens on and scoping the scene out with their flash lights I didn’t know what was going,” said Ancelet.

After Ancelet learned what happened to Bussa, he asked why there weren’t any paved sidewalks along the busy stretch of Meridian.

“I’m concerned about the sidewalks for sure.  Maybe it could have prevented this maybe not,” said Ancelet.

City-County Councilor Jeff Miller, District 19, is behind a push to change the city’s weekend curfew for 15-17 olds from 1 a.m to 11p.m.

“11 p.m to 1 a.m is kind of the witching hour when friends are hanging out together. Nothing really good is going to end up happening,” said Miller.

While the proposed change is aimed in part at cutting down on youth  violence, Miller stands behind the idea that teenagers don’t belong on the streets passed 11 p.m.

“It wasn’t even that the kids were doing something mischievous.  They were just out and they are ultimately kids,” said Miller.

According to police, the other teens who were with Jack say they didn’t see the car and weren’t able to get a good description.

The funeral director for the Bussa family says Jack was also struck by a car the night before the tragic accident near the same intersection.