Rebuilding continues in area damaged by recent tornado

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INDIANAPOLIS – Nearly one week after a tornado destroyed many homes in the Cameron Meadows neighborhood, cleanup continues there.

The tornado hit the area Tuesday afternoon. Four homes were ruled unsafe and about 75 other homes were inspected and were classified as having damage.

Jennifer Pierce has damage throughout her property. She said her insurance adjuster could not stop by her home until today, which slowed down rebuilding. Pierce said the insurance adjuster was busy with other claims.

“Even though my siding stayed on the house, there’s a lot of cracks and dings and stuff, which means it’s going to have to be replaced anyway. The fence obviously (needs to be replaced) –just damage to some of the things that the airborne objects did to the house,” Pierce said.

Pierce’s contractor was also at her house today. She said he could not work on certain projects until the insurance adjuster finished his part. Today’s storm did not help either, Restor Property Services Project Manager Pete Stankiewicv said.

“It (has) hurt the progress today because the adjuster is not allowed to get up on the roof, while it’s raining like this and so he can’t write up the entire scope of the work for the insurance, which means we’re going to have to meet again,” Stankiewicv said.

Restor Property Services said they worked around it with the insurance adjuster. While there were some present limitations, their attention shifted to other needs like getting rid of the debris and fixing the homeowner’s fence.

“The roof has tape on it -for the time being- so it’s on the bottom of the priority list b/c it’s sealed up. (It is) not leaking. It’s more about the homeowners inconvenience as far as not having a fence for her dogs that’s on the top of the do list,” Stankiewicv said.