Police continue search for suspect following shooting outside Beech Grove Walmart

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BEECH GROVE, Ind. (July 1, 2014)–Monday’s shooting outside a Walmart in Beech Grove, Ind. has some people asking how to safely conduct a sale.   

“I had just gotten  off work when it happened,” said Walmart employee Akeem Chest.

Chest said he was getting on the bus when the shooting happened.

“Usually nothing like that happens,” said Chest. “Police are in the parking lot so we don’t expect that to happen, so by that happening, it shows you aren’t safe  nowhere.”

Police said four men met in the parking lot to exchange cell phones for cash.   Next, the victim was shot in the arm and once in the chest.  The shooter then took off with the victim’s car.  Police confirm that victim was with a friend  at the time of the shooting.

Leaders with the Better Business Bureau of Central Indiana advise to to meet in a public place and bring a friend when dealing on Craigslist or conducting a personal transaction. However, both of those tips were followed Monday and the deal still ended in gunfire.

Beech Grove detectives said they believe Monday’s transaction was set up by a third-party person.  At this time, police do not believe the third-party knew about the planned robbery.

“Even in those types of situations, you never know what’s going to happen so you are always taking a risk,” said BBB president Tim Maniscalo.

It’s a risk that cost Iraq veteran Jim Vester his life back in December of 2013, when he responded to a craigslist add for an iPad.  Tyron and Tyshaun Kincade were arrested and charged for Vester’s murder.

“Take all the precautions you can if something just doesn’t seem right, don’t take that chance because you just never know whats going to happen,” said Maniscalo.

craigslist shooter July 1

Suspect in shooting

​Beech Grove Police say the shooter is still on the run.  The truck he stole is believed to have a missing right mirror, chrome rims and truck plate TK675MCA.

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