Hogsett: Former Center Township official embezzled $343K

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Alan Mizen MUG

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INDIANAPOLIS (July 1, 2014) – As the chief financial officer of the Center Township Trustee’s Office, Alan Mizen’s job was to look out for the poor of Indianapolis.

Instead, according to a federal criminal complaint, Mizen allegedly used the money to look out for himself.

Mizen was arrested at his Zionsville home by FBI agents and appeared before a federal judge to be charged with the theft and embezzlement of $343,000 in trustee funds in the summer 2010.

U.S. Attorney Joseph Hogsett said Mizen’s scheme began about the same time he needed $200,000 to buy a half-million dollar house in Boone County.

“He also used that money to purchase a Toyota Tacoma pick-up truck,” said Hogsett. “He used the money to fund his child’s education. It is also alleged that he used the money to finance personal vacations, purchased a diamond necklace and a diamond ring during a trip to the Cayman Islands and make other consumer purchases.”

Hogsett said agents seized the diamonds and the truck and banking and investment accounts and filed a claim against Mizen’s house leading authorities to believe they will eventually recover all the money.

The trustee’s mission is to meet the emergency financial needs of Center Township residents who find themselves struggling economically.

“Township funds are largely used for emergency assistance,” said Hogsett. “That can include the payment of medical costs, burial expenses. In many cases the provision of food, shelter, rent, transportation, utilities, the essentials of life.”

Hogsett said he did not think any other employees of the trustee’s office were involved in the theft though he could not explain why no one noticed the money was missing.

The Center Township Trustee received and disbursed between $14 million and $15 million in 2010.

Mizen faces ten years in prison if convicted.

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