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tammy movie review

Tammy is the new adult comedy starring “it” girl Melissa McCarthy, who is best known for her Academy Award nominated performance as Megan in Bridesmaids.  Aside from her acting duties on Tammy, she also produced and co-wrote the movie.  Melissa’s husband in real life, Ben Falcone, directed and co-wrote the movie with her.  This is his first directing gig, but he’s been acting for years (most notably in Melissa McCarthy films).  Alongside McCarthy, the film also stars Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, Allison Janney, and Mark Duplass.  The movie is getting a Wednesday release just before the 4th of July weekend.

Tammy (McCarthy) is having a really bad day; she gets fired from her job, hits a deer with her car, and finds out that her husband is cheating on her with the neighbor.  She needs to get out of town and have a fresh start.  Problem is, she doesn’t have a car or any money.  Her only option is to hit the road with her grandmother, Pearl (Sarandon), using her car and her money as they make their way to Niagara Falls.  Tammy never follows through with anything and this is just her latest attempt to break free from the trappings of home.  With Tammy’s short fuse and Pearl’s drinking problem, the girls quickly find themselves getting into more trouble than they know how to handle.  The only thing they have left is the open road and each other on their journey of finding themselves again.

Melissa McCarthy’s shining star is going to fade quickly if she keeps making movies like Tammy.  Not only was it not the least bit funny, but it swung and missed in every direction it turned.  As for the comedy aspect, I guess Melissa McCarthy is supposed to be the punchline herself.  We’ve seen this act with her before where she plays the overconfident and arrogant putz, but really down deep she is a sweet and caring person.  None of this is new and its definitely not funny.  Another thing is that the movie is all over the place with its tone; it tries so hard to be an adult comedy, then shifts gears into romantic comedy, and then tries to pour on the drama at the end.  On top of all of that, none of it is even believable.  Mark Duplass, who plays McCarthy’s love interest, doesn’t even seem to buy into the fact that his character would fall for her character.  I tend to be overly critical towards comedies, but that is because so many are not funny.  The difference between Tammy and some of the other comedies that I don’t necessarily find funny is that Tammy brings nothing to the table.  Even if I don’t think a movie is funny, a lot of times I can still enjoy the characters and/or the storyline.  Tammy didn’t offer any of this.  This is the worst comedy I’ve seen all year and I’d recommend saving your time and money.

Grade:  F

Tammy opens in theaters on Wednesday, July 2.

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