Couple discovers their van was used to steal beer from liquor store

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Couple discovers their van was used to steal beer from liquor store

HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind. (July 1, 2014)–  Police are investigating after a couple’s van was stolen and used to steal beer from a liquor store.

Danielle Doss didn’t know where her family’s minivan was on the morning of June 3. She only knew the black Ford Windstar was not parked in front of the family’s Hendricks County home, located in the 2200 block of Seattle Slew Drive.

“And I said where’s the car,” Doss said to her husband, Eric. “And he said this isn’t funny, and I said I’m not trying to be funny. Where’s the car?”

Danielle and Eric Doss called police to report the minivan stolen, they had no idea that police were already looking for it. Hours ealier, the minivan had been used in a bold smash and grab robbery at Victory Liquors, located near 10th Street and Raceway Road.

Security images show the black minivan backing up to the front of the store, then smashing right through the large windows that make up the storefront. The video shows what appear to be a white male and female running from the van into the store. The two suspects are seen grabbing a few cases of beer and carrying them back out to the van before driving off.

Store owner Brian Lierman tells FOX59 damage to the store and hundreds of smashed wine bottles could total more than $80,000.

However, the suspects apparently were not interested in making off with any expensive wine or liquor. Lierman said they only got away with three cases of Busch Light and one case of Miller Light.

Lierman said the robbery could qualify for a “World’s Dumbest Criminals” case.

Additionally, Doss said the suspects left about $3,000 worth of fishing and baseball equipment in the van.

Later, in the afternoon, Doss learned that police had found their minivan. It had been left in front of another home, back in their same subdivision.

“They came and said we found your van, and we found where it was used,” Doss said. “The keys are in the ignition. The car is in good shape, except for the whole back end is wrecked.”

Doss says detectives spent days examining the minivan for evidence, but so far no suspects have been identified. She and Eric later decided to have the minivan repaired and he is still driving it for work.

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