Power outages impact local businesses after overnight storms

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INDIANAPOLIS – IPL crews worked long hours on Tuesday, trying to restore power to thousands of customers after an overnight storm.

At the height of the storm, there were 20,000 customers without power. On the West side of Indianapolis, several businesses did not have power because a large tree yanked down power lines near them.

Power Train employees were sent home that work at their Indianapolis office. Power Train President Joe Leffell said it costs the company $150,000 every day they are not working.
“We have 12 locations in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. We’re a heavy-duty truck parts distributor and service (company). We own a company called Truckers 24/7 and we service a lot of vehicles everyday,” Leffell said.

Leffell said the big issue with them losing power is that their computers are down and no one in the company can access the database.

“They don’t have access to all our inventory, which we carry about 14 million inventory,” Leffell said.

Leffell said they were going to use a generator to help them out before tomorrow’s work day. Other businesses along Production Drive, like 1-800-BoardUp, used generators to get them through the day on Tuesday.

“We’re very fortunate to have our generator, if it was not for our generator, we would pretty much be dead in the water,” Russ Futrell said.

Futrell is the director of emergency services for 1-800-BoardUp. He said the storm did not hinder their work. In fact, he said they are still helping families in the Cameron Meadows neighborhood after last week’s tornado.

“In a small way we find ourselves in a situation that a lot of people did a week ago where their lives were kind of turned upside down,” Futrell said.

IPL said power could be restored tonight, but that it was hard to predict that because of the amount of work that has to be completed. IPL said at 10 p.m. another crew will take over to continue restoring power to the businesses there along Production Drive.

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