Shocking video shows Lafayette police officer pushing over man in wheelchair

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LAFAYETTE, Ind. (July 2, 2014) — Shocking video shows a Lafayette police officer pushing a wheelchair-bound man to the ground.

Tom Davidson, who was a Lieutenant at the time, was suspended for 30 days and was stripped of his rank. Lafayette Police thought the video was so bad he should have been fired. Instead, a five-member merit board decided he should be suspended.

In the video, you see Nick Kincaid running over Davidson’s foot, followed by the quick reaction by Davidson of pushing him over. Other officers, who were standing watch, tried to catch him before Kincaid hit the ground. This all happened Oct. 1, 2013. Police got a call from the Excel School, located at 617 N. 9th St., that there was someone with a gun near the school. Davidson arrived and found Kincaid who actually had a knife, that Kincaid said was for protection. He was warned about trespassing, then told he could leave.

Kincaid moved his chair forward and that’s when the video shows Davidson’s foot being run over followed by Kincaid being pushed to the ground.

“There was no need of knocking him over like he did,” said Barbara Moore.

Ms. Moore said the video made her cringe.

“It really did, ya know what, and I saw it two or three different times, and it just really ticked me off. Really ticked me off,” Moore said.

Davidson was placed on one year probation, and was demoted to patrol officer. A special prosecutor was hired and determined no criminal charges would be filed.