Officials urge safety during the busy Fourth of July weekend

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (July 4, 2014) – Millions of people across the United States will be traveling to another destination to celebrate the Fourth of July.

The AAA Hoosier Motor Club indicates there will be 1.9 percent more people traveling nationwide this year than last year.

“This is definitely the busiest travel period over the summer,” AAA Hoosier Motor Club Public Affairs Manager Greg Seiter said.

The Indiana Department of Transportation decided to stop construction work on their highways at noon on Thursday to alleviate any problems. It will remain that way through Monday morning. Nathan Riggs with INDOT said some restrictions were pulled back this weekend too in order to make it safer for everyone.

“It’s important for people to just be extra safe this weekend,” Riggs said.

Hoosiers should remember to follow the speed limit in and out of construction sites, Riggs said. They should also remember not to drive too closely to another driver. People are urged not to get distracted easily and to focus on the road.

“Really these safety driving tips are things that people should be doing any–any–day of the year,” Riggs said.

The AAA Hoosier Motor Club also reminds people not to drink and drive and to remember to check their car before they head out on their trip.

“There are a lot of things that people need to be aware of and certainly we don’t want people to be pushing themselves and (they should) use common sense,” Seiter said.

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