Broad Ripple Village Association meeting with city leaders after violent weekend

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INDIANAPOLIS — The shell casings, broken glass and crime scene tape are gone, but the mass shooting on Broad Ripple Avenue last weekend is still front of mind for many.
Seven people were shot along the 700 block of Broad Ripple Avenue just after 2 a.m. Saturday. No arrests have been made.
“People are scared and that’s sad,” said Rick Payne, owner of Wild Beaver Saloon.
Payne says that includes some of his employees. He says some of them helped bleeding victims on the sidewalk.
“It’s frustrating and sad,” said Payne. “I’ve been in Broad Ripple over 20 years and it’s changed and I don’t know where the solution lies.”
Broad Ripple Village Association President Justin McKean has some ideas and the BRVA is presenting them to city leaders later this week.
One idea is to shut down Broad Ripple Avenue late at night.
“If we can close down the street, it makes a safer environment for everyone,” said McKeand. “The only vehicles that would be allowed to pass through would be taxis and law enforcement.”
McKeand says it’s an idea the BRVA has wanted for two years, and now IMPD Chief Rick Hite says he’s interested.
Chief Hite says he won’t let Broad Ripple be a place where violence feels welcome. In a press conference, Hite says major changes could be on the way.
The owner of The Vogue says he thinks shutting down the street is a good idea.
The Vogue was closed this weekend because of the violence, and  FOX 59 has learned it will remain closed through Thursday.
Broad Ripple Bagel Deli recently hired a security guard for the weekends because of violence concerns.
McKeand wouldn’t give many details about what the BRVA will say at the meeting with the  Mayor’s Office, IMPD, and city council members this week, but did say it will include shutting down the street, more lighting and a bigger police presence.
“It hurts people in the pocket and not only that, you got people being shot at and something needs to be done,” said Payne.
Payne says he’s lost tens of thousands of dollars since Saturday and it’s the same story for many business owner along the stretch of street.
Time will tell what impact last weekend could have.
“Unfortunately bad things happen all the time and I wish that Broad Ripple was also viewed for all the cool things that happen here,” said McKeand.
One of the shooting victims was still in critical condition as of Monday night.
Police are appealing to the large number of people who were in the area to come forward to help them solve the crime.