Violence is changing the way Broad Ripple does business

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INDIANAPOLIS– The violent weekend in Indianapolis started with a mass shooting in Broad Ripple.

Seven people were shot early Saturday morning on the 700 block of Broad Ripple Ave. Police say the neighborhood needs to be safer and major changes could be on the way.

Monday, it was business as usual in the vibrant neighborhood, but freshly boarded up windows a reminder of the mass shooting that sent six to the hospital.

“The last couple years in Broad Ripple things have gotten crazy out here late night,” said Broad Ripple Bagel Deli manager Audra Boarman.

Boarman says things have gotten so crazy in the neighborhood, that she recently hired a security guard to keep the peace at her restaurant.

Police Chief Rick Hite says he won’t let Broad Ripple be a place where violence feels welcome. In a press conference, Hite says major changes could be on the way.

“We are just advocating for more resources and we would love for those resources to be more proactive in identifying the potential for this type of escalation before something like this happens,” said Broad Ripple Village Association President Justin McKeand.

Kilroy’s general manager, Mike Augustinos, heard the gunshots Saturday.  He’s open to changing the way Broad Ripple does business.  Augustinos proposes closing a portion of the street down to cars and only foot traffic at certain hours.

“If people had more room to walk across the street I mean you could see there’s twice more room in the street then in the sidewalk,” said Augustinos.  The BPVA plans on meeting with city leaders in the coming days to discuss the changes they would like see.