UPDATE: Language misunderstanding led to Franklin teen’s report of attempted abduction

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UPDATE: Following an investigation by the Franklin Police Department, it was determined that the man in question was an area resident.  The man stated that he had not seen the juvenile on his bicycle while driving in the area and had nearly struck him while turning into a housing subdivision.  The man said that he had stopped his vehicle to check on the juvenile’s well being, but believed he had scared him off due to the language barrier between the two. The Franklin Police Department now considers this investigation closed.

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by Nicole Pence

FRANKLIN (July 10, 2014) - Franklin Police are investigating an attempted abduction.

Fifteen-year-old Remington was riding his bike to his first day of football practice at Franklin Community High School when he says a stranger told him to get into his truck.

"I was going from this side of the sidewalk to the other side of the sidewalk," said Remington. "I could hear him coming down the road really fast. It was loud. Pretty scary."

Remington says he was about to cross Simon Road near U.S. 31 when a man in a white truck drove erratically in front of him and stopped.

"He said get in the truck. I said no. He said get in the truck. I said no. He said no."

"He was hiding when he called me. It is kinda scary for me," said Amber, Remington's mother.

Remington called his mother from bushes near the entrance of The Meadows at Simon Farms neighborhood. He'd hidden there after getting away from the stranger.

"I just stood right here and looked for his truck and looked where he was going, and he came around real slow looking for me. I walked that way, and he kept looking for me so I walked in between the houses and hide and he drove off," said Remington.

Remington's mother says she won't let him bike alone again.

"He rides with another person always. He usually does. He forgot something at home and had to go back and get it. He was by himself. The one time and he was by himself this happened," she said.

Franklin police say they're looking for the man driving the white truck.

"I never thought it would happen to me. It took me by surprise it was pretty scary," said Remington.

"I love my baby. I love my kids. I want them to be aware that these people are everywhere. They are sick. They are everywhere, and they are even here," said Amber.

If you see anything suspicious, give Franklin police a call at (317) 736-3670.


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